• Radiofrequency

    Monopolar – Bipolar – Tripolar systems for T.E.C.A.R. Therapy

Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary Monopolar – Bipolar – Tripolar systems for T.E.C.A.R. Therapy

Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary is a radiofrequency generator which administers energy via the passing of an electrical current with monopolar, bipolar and tripolar, capacitive or resistive effects.

The basic principle of radiofrequency is heat induction by means of the administration of electromagnetic waves to stimulate natural rehabilitation and anti-inflammatory processes within biological structures.

Two modes of heat transmission

The different modes of thermal energy generation and transmission, capacitive and resistive, related to the target tissue typology and to the therapeutic objectives, allow the therapist the optimal ways to use the antalgic,

trophic and mechanical properties of the checked administration of the heat, in the different phases post-traumas until the complete functional and anatomical recovery.

Capacitive mode

  • Medium-low levels: acute pathologies, muscular traumatology, edema treatment
  • Higher levels: chronic pathologies, pain treatment

Resistive mode

  • Osteoarticular pathologies
  • General traumatology
  • Arthrosis, enthesis
  • Tendinitis, capsulitis, bursitis

Effective, safe and customizable therapy

Fisioline RADIANT® reduces the pain and shorten the recovery time for big and small animals. Innovative technique which stimulates energy in tissues, activating the natural antiinflammatory and healing processes.

Wizard: your multimedia assistant

A unique feature of the device is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device. Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the operator in selecting the therapeutic preset protocols focused on severe and chronic pathologies.

The pluses:

  • preset protocols
  • rapid research with the inner finder
  • free protocol selection
  • creation of personalized programs
  • upgradable via usb port

Resistive bipolar and tripolar handpieces

Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary has been one of the first devices for T.e.c.a.r Therapy in Veterinary Medicine field to opt for resistive bipolar handpieces. This application technique, which does not require the reference electrode, allows to define the treated area with resistive method by concentrating the energy exclusively on the affected area.

Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary allows to opt for tripolar resistive handpieces as an alternative to resistive bipolar handpieces that, in particular applications, allow to optimize the distribution of the energy.


Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary offers the opportunity to choose up to 7 frequency adjustments, which are selectable even during the treatment, both in resistive and capacitive methods, based on the depth of tissues which are to be treated.

Thanks to the 7 frequencies, it is possible to work at high frequencies by using the resistive mode on the muscular tissue: in this way you can avoid to shave the animal and to use big quantities of conductive cream.

More than 80% of efficency

  • Nearly zero energy release
  • Concentrating all energy delivered on the treated area
  • Total safe operability

Preset therapeutic protocols

Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary is equipped with preset programs for the main pathologies and free storage locations for personalized programs.

Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary provides the operator the option to create customized programs for a patient and indicated for specific pathologies or areas to be treated, for rapid and efficient therapies.

Electronic meter, energy power bar and right contact

Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary devices are equipped with an electronic meter to measure the patient’s tissue impedance and, together with the Energy Power Bar, to keep under constant control the energy absorbed by tissues.

For a safety and proper use, the device is equipped also with a protection device which detects the contact of the reference electrode through audio-visual check.

Touch-screen display

The interface of Fisioline RADIANT® Veterinary in Touch Screen version displays the parameters on a large touch-screen color TFT 7” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct device performance.

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