• The portable laser

    Continuous, Pulsed and Superpulsed

LUMIX® C.P.S.® the portable laser Continuous, Pulsed and Superpulsed C.P.S.®

LUMIX® C.P.S.® is an innovative high power multidiode laser with C.P.S.® (Continuous, Pulsed and Superpulsed) emission that performs effective photobiostimulation in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitative Medicine, Sports Medicine and Orthopedic fields.


  • The highest peak power in a portable laser: 300W
  • Average power: from 5W to 31W
  • Up to 5 available wavelengths
  • The real superpulsation: up to 100.000Hz
  • Nanotechnology: Nanoimpulses of 70ns

The multi wavelength C.P.S.® system

The multi wavelength of the LUMIX® C.P.S.®, the high peak power (300W) and the high average power that reaches 31W allow for a large volumetric treatmets with high amount of energy deep into tissues.

Wavelength and peak power are among the essential factors for deep tissue penetration. It is important that the laser have a wavelengths that fall within the so-called “THERAPEUTIC WINDOW”:  LUMIX® C.P.S.® emits a wavelengths from 650 nm to 1064 nm with a peak power of 300W.

The exclusive C.P.S.® system created by Fisioline® mixes the emissions of different types of laser sources to integrate special characteristics such as high peak power of superpulsed sources and the high average power of the continuous sources. The integration is done with the available continuous sources making LUMIX® C.P.S.® a powerful and extremely high performance laser.

The real superpulsation

The use of high pulsation frequencies (over 30 KHz: Superpulsation) exploits a new physical phenomenon: the photomechanical effect, that is the transformation, at a molecular level, of the luminous EM energy into mechanical energy. This can accentuate, at the same wavelength and power, the effects both on the conduction structures, that is on the muscle tissue (decontraction) and nervous (antalgia), and on the fibrose tissue (increase elasticity).

The wide frequency adjustment range (from 1Hz to 100,000Hz) makes LUMIX® C.P.S.® a unique laser of its kind. The superpulsation (from 30.000Hz to 100.000Hz) is the main feature in laser photobiostimulation to induce bone and cartilage growth, as attested by scientific publications carried out with Fisioline® lasers.

The pluses of C.P.S.® system

  • Multi wavelength. Wavelengths selected to ensure the uniformity of energy distribution from the surface layers to the deeper layers.
  • Combination and synchronisation. The synchronisation and combination of different types of continuous, pulsed and superpulsed sources allows for direct intervention both on symptomatology and on the cause of diseases.
  • Overlapping: single spot. Optically overlapping diodes mixed with optical fibers to implement homogeneous irradiation on one point.

Reduced times

The high energy density, the different biostimulation of the different wavelengths and the thermal effect obtained with LUMIX® C.P.S.® allow the user to work with extremely fast treatments, reducing the number of applications.

Wizard: your multimedia assistant

A unique feature of LUMIX® C.P.S.® is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device. Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the operator in selecting preset protocols, focused on various diseases. Thanks to the Wizard it is possible to select, modify and keep always under control the functions and the operatives parameters.

The pluses:

  • preset protocols
  • rapid research with the inner finder
  • selection free protocol
  • creation of personalized programs
  • upgradable via usb port

An interactive technology

LUMIX® C.P.S.® is extremely versatile and intuitive, allows easy control of energy dosage through automatic modulation of the supply parameters in relation to the zone to be treated and the chronicity of the pathology. LUMIX® C.P.S.® also offers operators the possibility to create customized programs tailored to patients and suitable for the different pathologies and areas to be treated.

Touch-screen display

The interface of LUMIX® C.P.S.® displays the parameters on a large color touch-screen 4.3” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct device performance.

Video tutorial

Fisioline® presents an important innovation: the matching of preset protocols to illustrating video tutorials, always available, updatable and usable directly from the device console of LUMIX® C.P.S.®, showing in detail the steps to be followed by the operator.

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