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Since 1985 Fisioline® produces technologically advanced laser equipment. The design collaboration of its engineers with internationally renowned Universities has enabled Fisioline® to be, since 1993, the first Italian company to build high-power pulsed lasers, thus opening a new frontier in this type of equipment. Fisioline® continues in its technological evolution with the brand new Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 SUPERPULSED HIGH POWER LASERS (H.F.P.L.® High Frequency Power Laser Fisioline®). Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 are the latest Fisioline® innovation derived from over 30 years of scientific research, design and production made in Italy at the forefront of the latest generation Laser Therapy.

Main features

  • types of Laser emissions: Pulsed and Superpulsed
  • high peak powers (from 1000W to 2000W)
  • high average powers (from 3W to 6W)
  • real Superpulsation (up to 100.000Hz)
  • impulses in nanotechnology: 70ns
  • synchronization of the laser sources activation
  • optical overlap of the laser sources spots Having





Since 2004 Fisioline® laser devices have been obtained the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval in the US. 

Having high peak powers allows the transfer of the average power generated by the laser sources deep into the tissues. 

An important factor of the new superpulsed lasers is the high average power.

Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 emit in the wavelengths of 905 nanometers. At the same wavelength, the peak power is the determining factor in order to reach depth.

Using a laser with high peak powers is therefore indispensable for reaching the deep layers: the peak power of Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 lasers varies from a minimum of 1000W to a maximum of 2000W. 

immediate analgesic effect

Multidiodic collimation, Single Spot Overlap

Diodes optically superimposed and mixed with optical fibers to achieve homogeneous irradiation on a single spot. 

The emission spot of commonly used multidiode lasers is actually composed of as many mini spots as there are source diodes. Each of these mini spots receives peak and average power from a single diode. 

Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 lasers adopt the innovative multielement technique, which consists of conveying multiple laser diodes in a single spot, using optical fiber bundles and a final collimator. 

This allows to add both the peak and average powers of each individual diode on a radiated area of high energy in a uniform way. 

Large spot

The emission spot size is of considerable importance, that is, the surface on which the laser radiation is evenly distributed (power density W/cm2). The larger the spot size, with the same power density, the greater the laser penetration into the tissues, thanks to the sum of scattering. 

The spot of Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 varies from a diameter of about 2 cm to a diameter of about 6 cm through the use of special spacers. These features allow Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 lasers to transfer laser and thermal energy to considerable tissue depths. 

Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 allow to obtain a wide volumetric involvement of the treated area with the administration of a high quantity of energy in depth, ensuring a particularly high tissue penetration and allowing to carry out very effective treatments in a short time. 

Photobiomodulation and Photobioresonance

The possibility of interacting on the emission mode, by adjusting the power and frequency, makes the Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 lasers extremely versatile for all uses of laser therapy in the physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports and orthopedic fields. 

Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 allow a wide frequency adjustment because different therapeutic effects are obtained depending on the value of the latter. The tissues respond differently to the various frequencies used: at 100.000Hz it is now possible to obtain with Fisioline® lasers the highest photomechanical effect that a multidiodic laser can generate. 

Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 are equipped with a 0.2Hz overmodulation system with duty-cycle adjustment: it is possible to deliver pulse packets with variable duration thus creating a modulation of the set emission. 

The right therapeutic dose

The historic collaboration of Fisioline® with Universities and Professional experts has produced scientific material and publications at an international level and has made it possible to create protocols that administer the right therapeutic dose with working frequencies up to 100.000Hz. 

Measuring the energy in a extremely precise way allows you to obtain a rapid therapeutic result. 

a revolution in laser therapy

From nanotechnology the nano-pulses of 70ns

Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 emit the light beam within the nanosecond range. 

The brevity and specificity of the light beam limits the heat emission to the surrounding tissues, concentrating efficacy only where needed. 

The nanoimpulses allow to supply large amounts of energy without elevated thermal cutaneous effects. 


The real Superpulsation

The use of high pulsation frequencies (over 30 KHz: Superpulsation) exploits a new physical phenomenon: the photomechanical effect, that is the transformation, at a molecular level, of the luminous EM energy into mechanical energy. 

This can accentuate, at the same wavelength and power, the effects both on the conduction structures, that is on the muscle tissue (decontraction) and nervous (antalgia), and on the fibrose tissue (increase elasticity). 

The wide frequency regulation range (manual and automatic) makes Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 lasers extremely versatile. 

depth and cw

NEW!! Also in portable version!!

Lumix® 2 High Power version!!


Wizard: your multimedia guide

A unique feature of Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device. Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the Doctor and the Physiotherapist in selecting therapeutic preset protocols dedicated to the various pathologies .Thanks to the Wizard the operator can select, modify and keep always under control the functions and the operatives parameters. 

I plus:

  • preset protocols
  • rapid research with the inner finder
  • selection free protocol
  • creation of personalized programs
  • upgradeable via usb port

Interactive technologies

Lumix® 100 e Lumix® 250 are extremely versatile and intuitive lasers, allowing control of energy dosage administred to tissues through automatic modulation of the supplied parameters in relation to the zone to be treated and the chronicity or acuteness of the pathology. 

Display touch-screen

The interface of Lumix® 100 and Lumix® 250 displays the parameters on a large color Touch Screen 7” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct laser technologies performance. 

Video tutorial

Fisioline® presents an important innovation: the matching of preset protocols to illustrating video tutorials, always available, updatable and usable directly from the device console of LUMIX® 100 and LUMIX® 250, showing in detail the steps to be followed by the operator.

Spacers according to the area to treat (diameter 30 and 60mm)

Articulated arm for automatic treatments

Available models

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depliant Lumix100 Lumix250
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