A complete range of veterinary lasers

LUMIX SURGERY DUAL VETERINARY – The union of 2 technologies in One Device: the only Therapeutic and Surgical Laser! The combination of two technologies all in one!

LUMIX C.P.S. VETERINARY – Innovative multidiode laser with high power (300W of Peak Power) with C.P.S. (Continuous, Pulsed and Superpulsed) emission and with up to 5 wavelengths!

LUMIX Q PLATFORM VETERINARY – Innumerable possibilities in Veterinary Surgery and Therapy, thanks to Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser Platform. A Great Laser for Big Animals!

LUMIX SURGERY VETERINARY – powerful and versatile surgical laser with average power from 8 to 30 W and up to 3 available wavelengths.