Fisiosonic Beauty Face

Fisiosonic® Beauty Face with its ultrasound effects, is suitable for treating skin imperfections, for the oxygenation of cells and for effective skin hydration.

With Fisiosonic® Beauty Face, several treatments can be performed, including diathermy, ultrasonic massage and removal of blackheads and the skin's horny layer.


Fisiosonic® Beauty Face has two ultrasound applicators, a pencil transducer with a diameter of 1 cm and a spatula.

By means of ultrasonic massage, the pencil transducer is the quickest way instrument for treating fat and facial edemas. The diathermy produced by the ultrasounds ensures excellent vasodilation which is useful as a preparation for treatment with the spatula.

The spatula is essential for removing blackheads and the skin's horny layer: the supervibration enables the removal of the impurities of the skin and stimulates cell metabolism.



 ultrasonic diathermy

• cleansing of the face

• treatment of localized fat

 improvement of the muscular tone

• skin texture improvement


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