Fisiosonic® is a new device for ultrasound therapy, using an innovative output stage called Class E.

The mechanical efficiency obtained through the output stage in Class E is decidedly higher than the one that can be obtained by means of traditional output stages and allows the operator to issue high powers on the patient constantly and with a limited thermal effect.

Fisiosonic® uses its multifrequency piezo-electric ceramic disks 1 and 3MHz on its applicators.

Besides traditional methods, Fisiosonic®  has introduced two innovative functions: sequential treatment and automatic frequency switching.
The sequential treatment offers the operator the opportunity of using multidisc scanning applicators with a wide contact surface to be applied by common elastic straps.
The ultrasound emission is sequential and allows the operator to carry out a treatment with an automatic massage on a wide surface with no need for a manual dedicated intervention.

The automatic frequency switching is obtained by the new exclusive A.F.S. (AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY SWITCHING) device. This device makes it possible to exploit the various focalizations of 1 and 3 MHz frequencies at the same time. For example the operator can set the output time at a frequency of 1MHz and at a frequency of 3MHz, thus varying the focalization of the ultrasound beam and obtaining an actual specific massage under the skin.

The device can be operated in two modes: continuous and pulsed. In the continuous operating mode the ultrasound energy causes a noticeable heating of the tissues being treated and submits them to a mechanical high frequency massage. The pulsed operating mode permits to modulate the radiofrequency energy through a square period wave of 10ms and duty-cycle 10% to 90%, in order to reduce the thermal effect and keep the peak 
pressure applied by the acoustic wave on the tissues steady.
The output power density can be adjusted in continuous 0,1W/cm2 to 3W/cm2.

Fisiosonic®  is equipped with self calibration systems and visual and sound contact control systems.
The appliance is equipped with plugs for electrotherapy appliance connection (Modulo series). The operator can then carries out a combined therapy with any applicator.

Fisiosonic®  is equipped with a library of preset therapeutic protocols focused on severe and chronic pathologies. It provides the operator the option to create customized programs for a patient and indicated for specific pathologies or areas to be treated, for rapid and efficient therapies. 
The user interface, equipped with keyboard and graphic display, has a decidedly modern and professional look.


The interface of Fisiosonic®  in Touch Screen version displays the parameters on a large color display that allows to remotely read and gives to the operator the possibility to select, modify and keep always under control the functions and the working parameters.
A unique feature of Fisiosonic®  touch-screen version is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device.
Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the operator in selecting the therapeutic preset protocols focused on severe and chronic pathologies.


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