Fisiosonic Plus

Fisiosonic® Plus is a new device for ultrasound therapy, using an innovative output stage called Class E.
The mechanical efficiency obtained through the output stage in Class E is decidedly higher than the one that can be obtained by means of traditional output stages and allows the operator to issue high powers on the patient constantly and with a limited thermal effect.

 Fisiosonic® Plus

In addition to their mechanical action, Fisiosonic® Plus class E ultrasound waves at a frequency of 1MHz induce the phenomenon of CAVITATION. Said phenomenon consists in the production of microbubbles of vapour which implode, generating shock waves able to damage calcifications, reducing their mineral density. These latter are therefore disintegrated in minimum sized particles which are then absorbed physiologically.

Besides traditional methods, Fisiosonic® Plus has introduced two innovative functions: sequential treatment and automatic frequency switching.

The sequential treatment offers the operator the opportunity of using multidisc scanning applicators with a wide contact surface to be applied by common elastic straps. The ultrasound emission is sequential and allows the operator to carry out a treatment with an automatic massage on a wide surface with no need for a manual dedicated intervention.

The automatic frequency switching is obtained by the new exclusive A.F.S. (AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY SWITCHING) device. This device makes it possible to exploit the various focalizations of 1 and 3MHz frequencies at the same time.
For example the operator can set the output time at a frequency of 1MHz and at a frequency of 3MHz, thus varying the focalization and the depth of the ultrasound beam and obtaining an actual specific massage under the skin.

The instrument can be operated in two modes: continuous and pulsed. In the continuous operating mode the ultrasound energy causes a noticeable heating of the tissues being treated and submits them to a mechanical high frequency massage.
The pulsed operating mode permits to modulate the radiofrequency energy through a square period wave of 10ms and duty-cycle 10% to 90%, in order to reduce the thermal effect and keep the peak pressure applied by the acoustic wave on the tissues steady.

The output power density can be adjusted in continuous from 0,1W/cm2 to 3W/cm2.

Fisiosonic® Plus is equipped with self calibration systems and visual and sound contact control systems.

The device is equipped with plugs for electrotherapy appliance connection (Modulo series). The operator can then carry out a combined therapy with any applicator.

Completely managed by a microprocessor of the last generation, Fisiosonic® Plus combines the handy application of 40 preset therapeutic protocols with the option of creating and storing new ones in its 10 free memories. The user's interface equipped with a membrane keyboard and a wide backlit LCD display, have a decidedly modern and professional look.

The results obtained by the experiments carried out at University have proven that besides the effectiveness in reducing the mineral density in fibro-calcific lesions and in the metaplasias of the soft tissues, Fisiosonic® Plus is essential in improving extensibility and tissue mobility, which is reduced in chronic degenerative processes.

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