Modulo Beauty Mobile

Modulo® Beauty Mobile is a generator of currents that enables the operator to choose between four treatment modes: Electroporation, Transdermal, Delivery, Draining Electrostimulation, Electrostimulation.

The treatment with Modulo® Beauty Mobile is painless: during the electrostimulation and draining electrostimulation sessions, its action affects harmoniously all the muscular fibers with the only perception of a mild “squeezing” effect.
The synergy between electroporation and transdermal delivery of active ingredients generates a biorevitalizing effect on body and face, without the use of needles.


Modulo® Beauty Mobile is an effective means to deliver in depth specific active ingredients.

The electroporation is a method that, exploiting electrical impulses, generates an alteration of the cell membrane, making it more permeable to the various substances which are to be penetrated (opening of the macropores – ion gates). Acting on cell mechanisms, electroporation enables active ingredients to have a direct and immediate effect on skin regeneration processes, bringing visible and long-lasting results.
The synergy between electroporation and transdermal delivery of active ingredients in micromolecules enables the latter to act deep-down and painlessly, without the use of needles.
The electroporator is, in short, an instrument at the forefront and highly effective.

With the draining electrostimulation function of Modulo® Beauty Mobile, the speed of the lymph in the lymphatic system increases of 7 times, through an action of squeezing of the muscle (real physiological impulse) by means of electric contraction with consequent elimination of the intramuscular liquids.
The results is having four actions at the same time: lymphatic drainage, toning, firming and localized increase of the body temperature.
14 sequential sectors can be used (two channels with 7 active electrodes and 1 passive electrode) for an innovative electrostimulation that can be draining as in the Vodder method or toning in a center-peripheral or peripheral-center scan.

By choosing the electrostimulation mode, Modulo® Beauty Mobile is equipped with 4 completely independent stimulation channels, electrically insulated from one another, for an action of firming, toning, electrolipolysis, capillarization and panniculitis treatment.
The user can exploit different protocols per channel, with different shape of wave and intensities.



  • Cellulite and localized fat deposits
  • Face and body toning
  • Reducing wrinkles and skin anti-aging
  • Body and muscular modelling
  • Body firming
  • Gluteus hypotonia
  • Breast hypotonia


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