Fisiosonic Beauty Face EP

Fisiosonic® Beauty Face EP with its ultrasound and electroporation effects, is suitable for treating skin imperfections, for the transdermal delivery of active ingredients, for the oxygenation of cells and for effective skin hydration.

With Fisiosonic® Beauty Face EP it is possible to perform a number of treatments including: electroporation, diathermy, ultrasound massage and removal of blackheads and the skin's horny layer.


Fisiosonic® Beauty Face EP is equipped with two different ultrasound applicators: a 1cm diameter pencil face applicator, a spatula face applicator and two handpieces for electroporation.

The pencil face applicator, through the ultrasonic massage, is the quickest way instrument for treating fat and facial edemas. The diathermy produced by the ultrasounds ensures excellent vasodilatation which is useful as a preparation for treatment with the spatula.

The spatula face applicator is essential for the cleaning of the face, both superficial and deep: the super vibration allows to clean skin impurities and setting pores and stimulates the cellular metabolism.

The handpiece for electroporation is an effective means to deliver specific active ingredients deep down.
Acting directly on cellular mechanisms, electroporation enables active ingredients to have a direct and immediate effect on skin regeneration processes, bringing visible and lasting results.
The synergy between the use of electroporation and the active principles delivered in micromolecules allows products to act deep-down and painlessly, without the use of needles.



  • ultrasonic diathermy
  • cleansing of the face
  • treatment of localized fat
  • improvement of the muscular tone
  • improvement of the skin texture
  • electroporation


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