Lumix Surgery Dental

The surgical laser powerful and versatile for your clinic

LUMIX® SURGERY Dental is a new generation diode surgery laser developed for the use in a great variety of treatments of soft tissues.
LUMIX® SURGERY Dental has unique features rendering it a practical and flexible instrument, suitable for multiple applications..

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3 Actions:




  • Extremely tolerable treatment that allows best comfort, less use of anesthetics, more intervention speed.
  • Reduced healing times: the method used with the laser is less invasive compared to the traditional surgery methods and allows to reduce the healing times.
  • Minimum or no bleeding at all: the laser application determines the haemostasis making the surgery field well clear and reduces/avoids the need of stitches.
  • Reduced or no post-surgery infections at all: the laser application induces a high antibacterial action that promotes the decontamination of the surgical place. The laser also has anti-inflammatory and antalgic effects.
  • Treatments with the laser are shorter and require a lower number of sessions.


Why choosing Lumix Surgery Dental for your Clinic

  • Maximum precision in the cut of soft tissues
  • Essential for Microsurgery: surgery without stitches
  • Coagulation ability
  • Less impact both for treated tissues and for surrounding tissues
  • Less post-surgery pain
  • Less post-surgery edema
  • No traction of the tissues in the healing phase
  • Better tissue aesthetics in the post-surgery phase
  • Better healing
  • Less use of post-surgery pharmacological treatments

The applications

Surgery - Endodontics - Periodontology - Implantology - Therapy

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