Fisioline Radiant Mobile

Fisioline Radiant® mobile is a new-generation portable device for diathermy therapy via radiofrequency, with capacitive and resistive energetic transfer.

Thanks to the most innovative electronic technology, the Fisioline® and Development Department has designed and created a powerful and small- size equipment, ideal for the therapist who requires a device to be used both in the office or clinic and at the patients' home.

 Fisioline Radiant® mobile is a compact instrument, light and easily transportable, that offers extraordinary performances able to satisfy every demand of treatment.

The double polarity, the different frequency emissions, as well as the optimal power level, make of Fisioline Radiant® mobile an instrument that is essential for traumatology, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine and veterinary professionals.

The modern Italian design, the science-based ergonomics and the special isolation of the handpieces, provide the therapist full safe and quiet working environment to obtain rapid and lasting results.
Fisioline Radiant® mobile devices has been one of the fi rst devices for T.e.c.a.r Therapy to opt for resistive bipolar handpieces. This application technique, which does not require the reference electrode, allows to defi ne the treated area with resistive method.

Fisioline Radiant® mobile combines the continued and pulsed emission keeping under control the hyperthermia effects. The pulsed mode allows the operator to set the DUTY-CYCLE (adjustable from 10% up to 90%) and therefore erogation and pause times, customizing the therapy to the needs of each patient.

Fisioline Radiant® mobile uses an innovative output stage called Class E that provides high emission frequencies without any loss of power.

A very salient feature of Fisioline Radiant® mobile is the Wizard, a setup assistant that intelligently leads the user through a series of well-defined steps.

The patient's and the operator's safety are assured by the reinforced electric isolation in Class I type BF.

Fisioline Radiant® mobile is supplied with an electronic meter that measures the patient's tissue impedance and, together with the Energy Power Bar, monitors and real-time displays the energy transferred to the tissues. The device is also equipped with a protection system that detects the contact of the reference electrode, for safe and problem-free procedures.


Therapeutic protocols developed in cooperation with the Sports Medicine Institute of Turin.


  • Traumatology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Inflammatory Pathologies
  • Skeletal muscular pain
  • Aesthetic medicine

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