Fisioline Radiant Mobile

Fisioline Radiant® mobile is a new-generation portable device for diathermy therapy via radiofrequency, with capacitive and resistive energetic transfer.

Thanks to the most innovative electronic technology, the Fisioline® and Development Department has designed and created a powerful and small- size equipment, ideal for the therapist who requires a device to be used both in the office or clinic and at the patients' home.

Fisioline Radiant 200-300-400

Fisioline Radiant® 200-300-400 are new-generation radiofrequency devices for diathermy therapy, with capacitive and resistive energetic transfer. The different modes of heat generation and transmission, capacitive and resistive, related to the target tissue typology and to the therapeutic and clinical objectives, allow the therapist the optimal ways to use the antalgic, trophic and mechanical properties of radiofrequency energies. The therapist selects the most appropriate protocol for the different phases post-trauma until the complete functional and structural recovery.