Linfopress Studio

Linfopress Studio is the latest development in peristaltic differentiatedsector pressure therapy.

This type of device allows acting physiologically wherever helping for problems due to an incorrect functioning of the lymphatic or venous system is needed.

Linfopress Studio exploits a powerful and silent compressor in order to obtain inflating cycles with an accurate pressure regulation (0÷200 mmHg) in every single sector, constantly displayed on a wide backlit graphic panel.
Linfopress Studio offers the operator a wide range of preset operating programs divided into two categories: “Lower limbs” and “Upper limbs”. Additionally, it can store personalized programs in the free memories available to the purpose.
Linfopress Studio has six independently controlled sectors, with adjustment of the pressure for each single sector (even during the treatment) for a perfect control of the pressure gradient, with display visualization.
The device is equipped of automatic sleeve emptying after treatment.
The inflating sequence can be programmed entirely by the user and stored in the “User’s Program” List.
Linfopress Studio leg and arm straps utilize special construction technologies with overlapping sectors allowing treatments with no stagnation or retrogade flows.
Linfopress Studio is widely used in the various fields of medicine such as: phlebology, sports medicine, geriatrics, post-surgical therapies, lymphology and neuro-endocrinology.
It still has a predominant role in treating lymphedemas due to venous-lymphatic insufficiences by applying a homogeneous constant massaging action.
Linfopress Studio is also suitable for soft tissue recovery after long physical efforts in sports.


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