Linfopress Master

Linfopress Master is a device for peristaltic differentiated-sector pressure therapy.

Linfopress Master is controlled by an innovative microprocessor and exploits a powerful compressor in order to obtain inflating cycles with an accurate pressure regulation (0 to > 200 mmHg) in every single sector. The pressures are constantly checked for safety and their values displayed on a wide backlit graphic panel.

Linfopress Master is widely used in the various fields of medicine such as: phlebology, sports medicine, dermatology, geriatrics, post-surgical therapies, lymphology and neuro-endocrinology. It still has a predominant role in treating lymphedemas due to venous-lymphatic insufficiences by applying a homogeneous constant massaging action.

Linfopress Master is also suitable for soft tissue recovery after long physical efforts in sports.

Linfopress Master offers the operator a wide range of scanning operations, with 80 preset operating programs divided into two categories: "Lower limbs" and "Upper limbs". Additionally, it can store personalized programs in 20 memories available to the purpose.


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