Linfopress Easy

Linfopress Easy is a device for sequential pressotherapy.

This type of equipment that have been used for years for medical and physiotherapy purposes can now be used by a large number of users and allows to act on the user physiologically, wherever help for problems due to an incorrect functioning of the lymphatic or venous system is needed.

Linfopress Easy

Linfopress Easy has been designed and realized to comply with user's requirements for home applications as well as for professionals in physiotherapy applications.

The device adopts a powerful compressor which allows to obtain a 30 second inflating cycle with the possibility for the user to adjust the pressure precisely from 0 to 160 mmHg.

The inflating cycle takes place sequentially on four different sectors of the leg and the arm strap with overlapping sector inflating system. This inflating system is particularly interesting in that it does not let any vacuum spaces build between the sectors and the massage obtained is complete, uniform and effective.

Legs and arms strap of Linfopress Easy are made of a special plastic material, extremely resistant and very soft, in order to avoid rubescence.
The device can pilot a single applicator or two applicators by the specific splitters; the leg straps allow to use a special two-sectors abdominal strap by means of an extra connection to the inguinal sector.

Linfopress Easy works in a very easy way. just put on the leg or arm strap and start the device by pressing the power supply switch. The treatment cycle consists in inflating the 4 sectors one after the other with 25 seconds' time and 5 seconds' deflating. The cycle is repeated until the user switches the appliance off from the main switch. The pressure in the various sectors is adjusted by the user by acting on the knob on the front panel.

Linfopress Easy permits to act on venostasis and limphostasis, with a homogeneous and constant massage; it is useful in treating lymphoedemas and various kind of oedema; furthermore it is suitable for short run after a long physical effort in sport and to fight against the blemishes of cellulitis.

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