Fisiosonic Beauty Med HF

Fisiosonic® Beauty Med HF is a device for O.P.A.F.® Therapy (High-Frequency Pressure Waves) that uses an innovative output stage in Class E.

Thanks to the high peak power of the ultrasound waves generated, an amplified mechanical effect is achieved, which is better at breaking up the fat cells and fibrous bundles of cellulite.


Fisiosonic® Beauty Med HF is an effective response for treating cellulite, fat and venous stasis. Thanks to the ultrasounds that mobilise the excess fat deposits, Fisiosonic® Beauty Med HF generates an increase in tissue temperature, thus stimulating cellular metabolism and vasodilation.

Adipose tissue is broken down into very small particles that can be easily drained using the Modulo Beauty Med draining electrostimulator or the Modulo mobile.




 Mechanical effect




• Balanced weight loss
 Reduction of the panniculus adiposus
Reduction of cellulite
Oxygenation of tissues
Toning of tissues


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