O.P.A.F. Therapy

O.P.A.F.® Therapy is a new device that produces high-frequency pressure waves exploiting an innovative output stage called Class E.

The high peak power of the generated waves allows to obtain an amplified mechanical effect with a high disrupting energy and for a high power focalized action in depth.

O.P.A.F.® Terapia

O.P.A.F.® Therapy uses a new self-regulation system based on the impedance of the treated tissue, which enables the constant transmission of the transferred power with low risks.

The elevated mechanical efficiency consequently obtained translates into enhanced therapeutic efficiencies.

O.P.A.F.® Therapy can be used both as an ultrasound in Class E and a disrupting wave.

The versatility of O.P.A.F.® Therapy offers the operator the possibility to work on several pathologies: calcifications, muscular lesions, tendonitis, epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, shoulder calcific tendinopathy, articular rigidity and calcaneal spur.

O.P.A.F.® Therapy measures the patient's tissue impedance and, together with the Energy Power Bar, monitors and real-time displays the energy transferred to the tissues.

The device is also equipped with a protection system that detects the skin contact of the applicator on the skin, for safe and problem-free procedures.

O.P.A.F.® Therapy is a compact instrument, light and easily transportable, that offers extraordinary performances able to satisfy every treatment demand.


Maximum Output Power Density: 5W/cm2

Average Output Power Density: 3W/cm2

Preset programs


Triple action:

  • Mechanical effect
  • Cavitation
  • Diathermy


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