WINNER® is a neuromuscolar stimulator for palmar electroanalgesia of the last generation with an ergonomic modern design, suitable for sports people, fitness and wellness fans.

The result of the constant research of a team of professionals, WINNER® has four stimulation channels with independent amplitude adjustment. Futhermore, Function 2+2 permits the use of two programs, even from different categories, on various parts of the body at the same time or, as an alternative, on more than one person at a time. Stimulation is controlled in current (CC). WINNER® offers the possibility of using two different protocols in order to treat different parts of the body or different people simultaneously.



WINNER®  can be programmed and each protocol can correspond to a sequence of as many as 5 phases.
It comes complete with 600 preset programs. This system is suitable for treatments, training, with personalized cycles and sequences thanks to the 100 user's programs supplied with it.

WINNER® can work with a battery, as well as plugged in to the mains. It is easy to use: a graphic display allows the operator to keep all the functions under control. The user interface, equipped with a membrane keyboard, has a modern and professional look.

WINNER® is the most interesting technological evolution in the panorama of palmar stimulators.


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