Modulo Medical 2

Modulo medical 2  is the answer to an increase demand for an electrotherapy appliance easy to use and able to comply with different therapeutic requirements.

Modulo Medical 2 is the first neuromuscular stimulator offering the operator the possibility, through SMART CARD and CABLE EQUIPMENT, to configure the same appliance for various operating solutions: electrostimulation (for innervated and denervated muscle); electroanalgesia (low and medium frequencies); urologycal stimulation; electrodiagnosis; high voltage electrotherapy; microcurrent electrotherapy; ultrasound connection for combined therapy.

Modulo Medical 2 

Modulo medical 2 has two completely independent stimulation channels, electrically insulated from one another.

Stimulation is controlled in current (CC) and voltage (CV). This feature is absolutely necessary for the connection to the ultrasound therapy appliances of the Fisiosonic® family.

The user can exploit different protocols per channel. Each protocol can consist of a sequence of up to 5 phases and each phase can use a different shape of wave.

Modulo Medical 2 offers the operator the possibility, upon stimulation, of adjusting the current intensity of the single channel or of all of them at the same time.
Modulo Medical 2 works plugged to the mains or with a battery.
It is a simple to use appliance, equipped with a large graph display (240x128 pixel) allowing the operator to keep all functions under control.

A pleasant design, a user's interface equipped with a membrane keyboard and a display have a decidedly modern and professional look.

The high current output (over 100 mA) makes Modulo Medical 2 one of the most powerful appliances of its category.




Modulo Medical 2

• CARD REHAB: Stimulation of the normally innervated muscle: balanced two-phase square wave, two-phase triangular wave, Kotz currents and physiological pulse. Stimulation of the denervated muscle: exponential single-phase and two-phase wave, single phase and two-phase triangular wave, partially denervated.
Antalgic currents: Diadynamic (Single-phase, syncopated single-phase, diphase, syncopated diphase, short period and long period), Interferential (Bipolar, Isoplanar, Tetrapolar and Vectorial), AMF, TENS, rectangular wave and Spike (Continuous, Burst and Random), Faradic, (Rectangular, Triangular, Exponential, Neofaradic and Traebert).
Vehiculation currents: Ionophoresis, Iontophoresis, basic Galvanic current and Continuous Interrupted.
230 preset programs. 100 user's programs.

  CARD DIAGNOSIS: I./T curve. innervated and denervated with calculation of chronaxie and reobasis. Square and exponential wave.

  CARD H.V.: High voltage electrotherapy – single channel: positive single-phase wave, negative single-phase (possibility of polarity inversion)
77 preset programs. 100 user's programs.

  • CARD ULTRASOUND: Connection for ultrasound appliances of the Fisiosonic® series for combined therapy. 100 preset programs. 100 user's programs.

  • CARD MICROCURRENT: Microcurrent electrotherapy (MET): positive wave, negative wave, bipolar wave. The microcurrent electrotherapy, indicated to relieve pain, uses a low level current (microampere) emitted with long impulses compared to the TENS current.
    Unlike the latter, that have to be used in continuity to have prolonged effects, the microcurrents offer lasting and cumulative in time benefits. 6 preset programs. 100 user's programs.

  • CARD SPORT PROFESSIONAL: made expressly for the sports professional: balanced two-phase square wave with automatic variation of the stimulation frequency, two-phase triangular wave, Kotz currents and physiological pulse. 181 preset programs. 100 user's programs.


Modulo medical 2 demands for its use a minimum equipment of a smart card and relevant kit, upon the client's choice.

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