Fisiofield Maxi

Fisiofield Maxi is an innovative piece of equipment for magnetotherapy that generates in low and medium frequency pulsating magnetic fields.

The operator is able to set the frequency, intensity and treatment time as well as the type of wave (square or sinusoidal) in order to obtain specific therapeutic effects (antalgic, antiedemic, trophic and stimulating action) selectively on various types of biological tissue.

 Fisiofield MaxiFisiofield Maxi is entirely managed by a powerful latest-generation microprocessor, combining the practicality of using 50 pre-programmed therapies as well as offering the option of creating new therapies using the 20 free memory cells.

Fisiofield Maxi is able to handle four completely independent outputs, making it possible to treat four patients with differing pathologies simultaneously. The parameters for the programmes associated with the four outputs (frequency, power, treatment time) can be set separately, allowing treatments to start at different times.

The wide choice of configurations on offer, its unique characteristics such as two wave forms (square or sinusoidal), and the option of working at low or medium frequencies, make this equipment extremely versatile, allowing it to satisfy any therapeutic need.

The high peak power put out by the generator (equal to an effective 100 Gauss on each applicator), makes Fisiofield Maxi one of the most powerful pieces of equipment on the market.

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