Fisiosonic Beauty Med LF

Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF is an innovative low-frequency (40 kHz) ultrasound device for cavitation.

At physiological level, through the mechanism of low-frequency ultrasounds, cavitation is achieved by gradually breaking down fat cells.
The fat cells are broken down by the pressure exerted by the ultrasounds on the cell wall of the adipocyte, causing the implosion of the wall itself.

The fat contained in the adipocyte cell, which pours into the gap, is then denatured (from hydrophobic it becomes hydrophilic), and so can be transported via lymphatic circulation to the liver and kidneys and then eliminated.

With this technology, it is possible to treat vast areas of panniculus adiposus in subjects with an excess of superfluous fat.

Treatments performed using Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF must be managed very carefully by operators: they must only work using a skin grasp system without pointing the ultrasound beam directly on areas under which there may be vital organs or bone.

The combination of the two ultrasound devices, the low-frequency Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF and the high-frequency Fisiosonic® Beauty Med HF, with the effect of the Modulo Beauty Med draining electrostimulator, form part of a innovative method designed by Fisioline®.



  • Reduction of the panniculus adiposus
  • Weight loss


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