Lumix Epil Med

Lumix®Epil Med represents the new frontier of progressive epilation, performed by laser technology.

 The device, in effect, generates a laser beam at a particular wavelength (808nm) that, passing through the skin, is able to be absorbed by hair pigments inside the piliferous bulbs; the consequent increase in temperature and the definitive damage of the germinative cells of the hair bulb, allow to obtain the effect of a permanent epilation, through the principle of the selective photothermolysis.

 With Lumix® Epil Med the operator can carry out selective, targeted and safe treatments. 

Lumix® Epil Med allows to have excellent results in epilation and in the treatment of couperose and acne, facilitates the reduction of the rosacea and the vascular lesions.

The methodology is based on the modern concept of selective photothermolysis: based on the wavelength of the filter used, the light affects selectively the piliferous bulb or the capillary causing respectively the fall or the photocurdling, without undermining the surrounding skin. Concerning the photorejuvenation, the heat reaction to the light stimulates the fibroblasts, in order to increase the production of collagen and elastin.

The operator with Lumix® Epil Med  has the possibility to use preset treatment protocols and he can also use the manual operating mode setting the treatment parameters. 
Lumix® Epil Med adopts a sophisticated cooling system to protect the skin, lowering the local temperature at zero degrees, which makes sure and comfortable the whole process of hair removal.

With Lumix® Epil Med the epidermis is scanned with laser application on areas of 11x11 mm. In this way, the complete process of hair removal is carried out in a very quick way.
The wide color touch-screen monitor allows an easy and intuitive use of the device.



  • Epilation
  • Skin rejuvenation / Skin refreshing
  • Vascular treatments
  • Acne treatment 

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