Fisiosonic Beauty

Fisiosonic® beauty is an innovative high-frequency ultrasound device that uses an output stage called Class E.

The mechanical efficiency obtained through the output stage in Class E is decidedly higher than the one that can be obtained by means of traditional output stages and allows the operator to issue high powers on the patient constantly and with a limited thermal effect.

Fisiosonic<sup>®</sup> Beauty

Besides traditional methods,Fisiosonic® beauty has introduced two innovative functions: sequential treatment and automatic frequency switching.

The sequential treatment offers the operator the opportunity of using multidisc scanning applicators with a wide contact surface to be applied by common elastic straps. The ultrasound emission is sequential and allows the operator to carry out a treatment with an automatic massage on a wide surface with no need for a manual dedicated intervention.

Fisiosonic® beauty is a delicate response for treating cellulite and venous stasis. Thanks to the ultrasounds that mobilise the excess fat deposits, Fisiosonic® beauty generates an increase in tissue temperature, thus stimulating cellular metabolism and vasodilatation. Adipose tissue is broken down into very small particles that can be easily drained. This system, combined with the draining electrostimulator Modulo Beauty, generates an incredibly fast and effective response to treatment.



  • Balanced weight loss
  • Reduction of the panniculus adiposus
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Blood vascularisation
  • Toning of tissues
  • Skin texture improvement
  • Treatment of skin laxity

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