O.P.A.F. Beauty

O.P.A.F.® beauty is a new device which produces High-Frequency Pressure Waves exploiting an innovative output stage called Class E. The mechanical effectiveness obtained through the Class E output stage is considerably higher than the one obtained by traditional output stages and allows the operator to obtain a constant power, with a reduced thermal effect.

The high peak power of the generated waves allows to obtain an amplified mechanical effect with a greater energy to break up the fat cells and cellulite fibrous bands.
O.P.A.F.® beauty is an effective response for treating cellulite, fat and venous stasis.

Thanks to the pressure waves that mobilize the excess fat deposits, O.P.A.F.® beauty generates an increase in tissue temperature, thus stimulating cellular metabolism and vasodilatation.
Adipose tissue is broken down into tiny particles that can be easily drained using the Modulo Beauty draining electrostimulator or the Linfopress Beauty or Linfopress Alizè pressuremassage appliance.

O.P.A.F.® beauty adds two innovative functions to the traditional methods: the sequential treatment and the Automatic Frequency Switching. The sequential treatment offers the operator the possibility to use scanning multidisc applicators with a big contact area that can be simply applied through common elastic bands. The emission is sequential and allows the operator to perform an automatic treatment on a big area, with no manual intervention.

• Pressure Effect
• Mechanical Effect
• Diathermy


• Harmonious loss of weight
• Reduction of localized fat deposits
• Reduction of cellulite
• Oxygenation of tissues


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