Lumix 2

Lumix® 2 is a new high power and double wavelengths (650nm - 910nm), portable laser therapy equipment, that can be useful in an ambulatory, at a physician's and in a physiotherapy centre.
Lumix® 2 is effective because multi wavelength: one PULSED-SUPERPULSED high power laser diode in the wavelength of the INFRARED (910nm) and two laser diodes in the wavelength of the RED (650nm), that allow to transmit to the tissue high power concentrated in the different subcutaneous levels.


The peak power (output) is 45W and the average power (at the source) is 0,5 W.

The beam diameter is 8 mm (1 cm from the handpiece lens). This diameter can be increased by using spacers.

The high density of energy and the different biostimulation of the two wavelengths allow the operator to work with treatments extremely rapid. The possibility to interact on the emission modality, through the power regulation and the INFRARED diode frequency, makes Lumix® 2 extremely versatile for all the laser therapy uses in medical and physiotherapeutic field.

The device is equipped with therapeutic preset programs and free memories.




• Pain treatment

Articular and periarticular aches

Inflammatory and degenerative neuritis and neuropathies
Muscular contractures and myofascial trigger areas
Acute inflammation
Capsular and ligament inflammation either of traumatic or of degenerative origin
Acute arthritis of traumatic origin or in case of a new acute phase of a chronic degenerative arthropathy
Degenerative lesions
Muscular lesions
Myofascial syndromes
Muscular contractures and/or first degree distractions


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