Lumix 100-250

Two laser models with H.F.P.L.® technology able to satisfy any healthcare practitioner's.
The new LUMIX® 100 and LUMIX® 250 lasers permit to work on the patient with any operating technique, both automatically and manually.

Lumix 2

Lumix® 2 is a new high power and double wavelengths (650nm - 910nm), portable laser therapy equipment, that can be useful in an ambulatory, at a physician's and in a physiotherapy centre.
Lumix® 2 is effective because multi wavelength: one PULSED-SUPERPULSED high power laser diode in the wavelength of the INFRARED (910nm) and two laser diodes in the wavelength of the RED (650nm), that allow to transmit to the tissue high power concentrated in the different subcutaneous levels.