Fisiosonic Mobile

Fisiosonic® mobile is a device for O.P.A.F.® Therapy (High-Frequency Pressure Waves) and for low-frequency cavitation (40 kHz) that uses an innovative Class E output stage.
Thanks to the high peak power of the ultrasound waves generated, an amplified mechanical effect is achieved, which is better at breaking up the fat cells and fibrous bundles of cellulite.

O.P.A.F.® Terapia

The action of Fisiosonic® mobile, using the 40kHz frequency applicator, induces CAVITATION, a phenomenon that breaks up subcutaneous fat structures into tiny particles that are then easily removed with drainage.

The results are noticeable and measureable fat reduction and shape remodelling in a very few sessions and in a fast and painless way.

The MECHANICAL and DIATHERMY EFFECTS produced by Fisiosonic® mobile using the      1-3MHz frequency applicator, are specific for the treatment of cellulite and small fat accumulations.

Fisiosonic® mobile is a compact and portable instrument that meets the increasing demand of the operators who work in different locations and require a powerful and easily transportable device.


Triple action:

  • High and Low Frequency Cavitation
  • Mechanical Effect
  • Diathermy



  • Balanced weight loss
  • Reduction of panniculus adiposus
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Blood vascularisation
  • Oxygenation of tissues


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