Modulo Mobile

Modulo mobile is a neuromuscular stimulator that enables the operator to choose between four treatment modes: draining electrostimulation, electrostimulation, transdermal delivery and electroporation.

Using the draining electrostimulation function, the speed of the lymph in the lymphatic system can be increased by up to 7 times by means of a muscle-squeezing action and the consequent elimination of intramuscular fluid, obtained using an electrical impulse (actual physiological impulse).

Modulo Mobile 

Four actions are achieved at the same time: lymphatic drainage, toning, firming and localized increase of tissue temperature.

By choosing the electrostimulation mode, 4 completely independent channels are available, isolated from each other electrically, to achieve firming, toning, electrolipolysis, capillarization and treatment of panniculitis.

The electroporation function is an effective means of preparing the tissue for transdermal delivery of specific active ingredients. Using electrical impulses, it generates an alteration of the cell membrane, making it more permeable to the various substances which are to be penetrated with the delivery currents.

Acting directly on cell mechanisms, electroporation enables active ingredients to have a direct and immediate effect on skin regeneration processes, bringing visible and lasting results.

The synergy between electroporation and the transdermal delivery of active ingredients in micromolecules enables the latter to act deep-down and painlessly, without the use of needles.

Modulo mobile is a compact, lightweight and easily transportable device, with high levels of performance to meet all treatment needs.




  • Draining electrostimulation
  • Electrostimulation
  • Transdermal delivery
  • Electroporation


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