Fisiosonic Beauty Face EP Med

Fisiosonic® Beauty Face EP Med with its ultrasound and electroporation effects, is suitable for treating skin imperfections, for the transdermal delivery of active ingredients, for the oxygenation of cells and for effective skin hydration.

With Fisiosonic® Beauty Face EP Med, several treatments can be performed, including electroporation, transdermal delivery, cavitation, diathermy, ultrasonic massage and removal of blackheads and the skin's horny layer.

Modulo Mobile

Modulo mobile is a neuromuscular stimulator that enables the operator to choose between four treatment modes: draining electrostimulation, electrostimulation, transdermal delivery and electroporation.

Using the draining electrostimulation function, the speed of the lymph in the lymphatic system can be increased by up to 7 times by means of a muscle-squeezing action and the consequent elimination of intramuscular fluid, obtained using an electrical impulse (actual physiological impulse).