Modulo Beauty Med

Modulo Beauty Med is a device that makes it possible to achieve excellent results in draining excess liquids, reducing fat deposits and toning muscles.

 Modulo Beauty Med

Modulo Beauty Med is a device able to generate different wave shapes that offers operators the choice between various SMART CARD and CABLE solutions:

 draining electrostimulator – Lympho card
•  sequential electrostimulator  - Lympho card
 electrostimulator - Fitness Card

Modulo Beauty Med, complete with Ultrasound Card and a dedicated cable, can be connected to Fisiosonic® ultrasound devices.

Lymphatic drainage
• Improving microcirculation
• Definition
• Remodelling
• Toning
• Firming
• Ionto-sonophoresis (when combined with Fisiosonic®)


• Lymphatic drainage
 Improving microcirculation
• Definition
• Firming
 Ionto-sonophoresis (when combined with Fisiosonic®)


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