Lumix CW

Lumix® CW is a new high power and multiwavelength, portable, laser therapy equipment, that can be useful in an ambulatory, at a physician's and in a physiotherapy centre.

Continuous high power and multi-wavelength (red and infrared) laser with transmission in optical fiber.

Laser source: Laser Class 4.
Available wavelengths: 650-810-980-1064 nm.
LASER RED GUIDE LIGHT for the real visualization of the treated area.
Handpiece with interchangeable optics: Therapeutic terminal with focal
regulation from 0,5 to 5cm2 (Ø from 8 up to 25mm).
Operating mode: continuous, frequenced and burst mode.
Frequency: 0-100,000 Hz.
Burst mode (system for controlling the thermal effect): 10 – 100%.
Duty-cycle: 50% (CW).
Optical sensor for laser emission test.
Energy calculation according to the preset parameters.
Large database of preset therapeutic protocols.
Audio-video application tutorials.
Wide 4,3’’ TFT color touch screen display.
Upgradable via USB port.





• Pain treatment

Articular and periarticular aches

Muscular contractures and myofascial trigger areas

Inflammatory and degenerative neuritis and neuropathies

Acute inflammation

Capsular and ligament inflammation either of traumatic or of degenerative origin

Acute arthritis of traumatic origin or in case of a new acute phase of a chronic degenerative arthropathy

Degenerative lesions

Muscular lesions

Myofascial syndromes

Muscular contractures and/or first degree distractions



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